IMO: Why Fanboys Aren't so Bad but Secretly are Terrible

I live in a tangled web of video game LIES. My pseudo gaming facade is nothing but cause for eternal depression and an infinite, unyielding, unfathomable amount of shame.

I'm a Microsoft console fanboy and an Apple gamer, and I deserve punishment.

Of course, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Let me provide reference to how I got here in this first place. It's a bit lengthy, so skip down to START HERE to get to the meat or feel free to jump down to the very bottom TLDR for the gist.

It's 1995. I asked for a computer for Christmas, a Pentium to play Quake on. My dad was the editor of a local newspaper, and newspapers are notorious for using Apple products for their media processing capabilities, so he bought me a Macintosh Performa.

In those days, Apple was like Auburn University. Their logo was a multicolored Apple, but they went by Macintosh, the same as Auburn's cry being "War Eagle" and their mascot being a tiger.

Games were slim. Blizzard and Bungie were two of the largest Macintosh game publishers at that time with Warcraft II for Blizzard and the Myth and Marathon series for Bungie, plus some stuff from ID and 3D Realms being ported over. So began my love for Mac gaming.

Already I feel chastised just writing it down. I can hear the trolls across the bridge screaming "APPLE COMPUTERS SUCK FOR GAMING" and "JUST BUILD A WINDOZE 37 ASSHOLE HOW DARE YOU." But I won't. I want to — I'd love to — but I won't. I love my Apple desktop. I love all the Steam games available and having the quick use of Photoshop. It's pitiful.

IMO: Why Fanboys Aren't so Bad but Secretly are Terrible

I'm an Apple fanboy. Yet, I choose Microsoft's console.

I've been on Xbox Live for almost seven years. I got my Xbox One day of — hell, I put so much time into the Xbox 360, why wouldn't I? I love my console. I love first-person shooters and all that crap. I'm a fanboy.

So the logical assumption is "SONY CONSOLE IS SO MUCH BETTER" or "INFAMOUS SECOND SUN GONNA ROCK BAWLS, MICROCOCK." But I'm not arguing any of this. I believe Sony's console is better right now and that Infamous: Second Son is gonna rock bawls.


There is nothing wrong with being a fanboy. I talk to fellow gamers online, am polite and courteous and do my best to make it a good experience for everyone, yet fanboys of all shapes and sizes are being leveraged by video game companies against the competition, while we turn a community against itself.

How many times have video game articles flamed us on like lighter fluid on charcoal? The endless graphic comparisons between systems, the seemingly never-ending discussion on which community is worse or better or stupid or smart. It's difficult to tell the troll from the legitimate commentator just because one wants a reaction and the other wants to justify their purchase.

Fanboys help make the video game community vitriolic, and game companies know nothing sells more consoles than pride and prejudice. Are all those graphic comparisons really just for informational purposes? Of course not. No one ever says, "Well, my lighting is not as good as the other system, but I respect it anyway and am glad they tried to give my system that. Cheers, good sir! Thanks for all the fish!"

They don't ever say that. Instead, it's a slur of rage comments, defensive stances and general video game bigotry.

I guess I'm just frustrated. I'm frustrated that at my age the community is basically a pain in the ass to be a part of. I'm sick of the endless comparisons, the internalized depression that, YES, my console clearly isn't as powerful right now as the PS4 and, YES, I'm bitter about it and, YES, I agree with my decision to purchase it, but it pisses me off, Microsoft. It pisses me off — or, YES, I know that my computer doesn't do gaming very well or, YES, my expensive desktop is basically unchangeable due to its aesthetic value or, YES, I get maybe a fourth of the games delivered to my computer as a Windows does.

IMO: Why Fanboys Aren't so Bad but Secretly are Terrible

Fanboys are terrible because we're creating a community of terrible gamers. We're opening the doors for people to say whatever they want no matter the cost. That leads to a lot of hate getting thrown around.

Gamers younger than us don't understand that the words you use matter, even on the Internet where "anonymity" is "sacred." We're setting ourselves up for a South Park Black Friday battle we won't be able to stop, fought by those we made ourselves. All the racists on Xbox Live, all the hate being thrown out is our fault, the older ones influencing a younger generation to be just freaking awful, dude — just awful because saying any racial slur on the Internet isn't "real." And it's just "talk."

Granted, I'm not blaming racism on fanboys, but it is pretty freaking disheartening when you're playing Titanfall and some 11-year-old boy on the other team is talking and a 20-something on your team ends the conversation with "You sound black."



I'm a fanboy, and I fully believe my pride is helping destroy the gaming community by providing younger gamers a window to say whatever they want about everything.